About Shincci

  • Corporate mission

    Add energy to the world

    Practice green, energy saving and environmental protection, and spread positive energy for human social civilization
  • Corporate vision

    Leader of low temperature evaporation technology

    Committed to research and application in the field of environmental protection and energy, we have made great efforts to achieve excellence, dare to take responsibility, and become the world's Shengqi.
  • Core values

    Self discipline and self-improvement, dedication and cohesion, create value for employees, enterprises and society

    "Self discipline and self-improvement" is the backbone of Shengqi, and "dedication and cohesion" is Shengqi's top-down basic professional quality. This noble quality is sustainable for employees, enterprises and society
  • Development concept

    Craftsman spirit casting quality, innovation and development, customer-oriented service

    Quality can't be prosperous for all, but it can be harmful for all. Shengqi people have great ingenuity to build their dreams, and are meticulous in their work and casting;

    The best explanation of energy and creativity is "ask where the canal is so clear, for there is a source of flowing water". Shengqi's innovation keeps pace with the times, which has become an inexhaustible source of its sustainable development;

    Every link is aimed at "noble customers". Shengqi people begin with customer needs and end up with customer satisfaction, deliver a good service experience, win respect and recognition, and realize lofty values.

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