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Guangzhou Tianyuan Muge Zengcheng Lychee Processing Base

Guangzhou Tianyuan Pastoral is the main body of the implementation of "Zengcheng District Entering Feng Litchi Provincial Industrial Park". It has its own lychee base of more than 4,500 mu, with a yield of about 1,500 jin per mu, and cooperatively spreading more than 10,000 mu of rural land, which is mainly used for various types of vegetables and fruits. Primary processing and production, mainly engaged in litchi, longan processing and other agricultural and sideline products processing industries, the first phase of the introduction of Shengqi’s most advanced dehumidification heat pump drying equipment, automatic intelligent processing production line, a total investment of 16 million yuan (the second phase will be 7 million yuan Expand fruit and vegetable drying production line). After the industrial park is put into operation, it will drive the local lychee and longan industrial chain, employment chain and benefit chain, and drive 1,000+ jobs in the surrounding area, with an average income increase of 3,000 yuan per month.

Rose Flower Processing Base in Guanxian County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province

The queen of the flowers, the best beauty products
Damascus rose,known as the "flower queen of the rose kingdom", is the main rose variety grown in Bulgaria, and is also recognized as a high-quality rose class in the world. The leaves are grayish green with stiff hairs on the flower stems; the double-petaled flowers have slightly lighter edges and satin-like texture. After drying to collect the cell sap, deep processing to extract essential oils, extracts and pigments and other flavor and fragrance products

Jiangxi Duchang County Oil-tea Camellia Industry Strategic Investment Base

Duchang is located in a subtropical humid monsoon climate and is affected by the large water body of Poyang Lake. It has the characteristics of mild climate, abundant rainfall, sufficient sunshine, abundant heat, and short icing period. It is very suitable for planting Changlin series Oil-tea Camellia, which is characterized by vigorous growth, strong resistance and high photosynthetic efficiency. The planting area is about 120,000 mu, and the output can reach more than 300 kg/mu. It is mainly used for high-grade edible oil and chemical oil.
The dried tea fruit is processed by a sieving machine and a specific gravity machine to produce first-class tea seeds, which can also be used to make tea saponin, activated carbon and other products after deep processing.

Honeysuckle Demonstration Base in Daming County, Handan, Hebei

Focusing on the honeysuckle industry, promote the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, organically integrate honeysuckle production, processing and sales, catering, leisure tourism, health and vacation, and culture, and drive the villagers to continue to increase their incomes and become rich. We are determined to build the Daning County Honeysuckle Demonstration Base into the whole country Demonstration base of Chinese medicine tourism, demonstration base of national rural revitalization, etc.
A total of ¥20 million was invested in the two phases, 4 automatic drying lines, with a production capacity of 3,000 tons of fresh flowers per year; advanced closed dehumidification heat pump drying technology, unique spiral tower structure design, no emission, energy saving and environmental protection , 100% recovery of honeysuckle cell fluid.

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