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  • Green greenhouse heating, how to hold up the heat pump technology into the dream?

    Green greenhouse heating, how to hold up the heat pump technology into the dream? With the rapid development of domestic smart agriculture, agricultural greenhouse heating has gradually become an emerging market. For vegetable, fruit and flower greenhouses in severe cold area, the heating of greenhouses will greatly improve the utilization rate of greenhouses and the economic benefits.

  • "Salvation" of heat pump channel empowerment

    2020 is a year of great changes. With the continuous development of the market in the direction of environmental protection and energy conservation, more and more air source heat pump enterprises are facing the dilemma of policy dividend weakening and market stock saturation, falling into the situation of slow growth and sales difficulties. Especially in 2020, under the influence of the epidemic, the channel market will be greatly impacted, On the one hand, enterprises take more preferential policies to help dealers out of the predicament; on the other hand, they take many measures to save and supplement the channels, such as expanding product lines and adding new product categories.

  • Heat pump drying industry enters golden age of development

    The heat pump drying industry has entered a golden period of development, and the air source heat pump drying market has become the only growth system in the three application matrixes of the air source heat pump industry in 2020, realizing high-speed growth. With the continuous promotion of national environmental protection policy and drying machinery subsidy policy, coupled with the increasingly mature heat pump technology, dryer Market sales are growing year by year at a visible speed. China's heat pump drying industry has entered a golden period of development, and the market volume is gradually expanding. In the market, the homogenization trend of products is becoming more and more intense, the heat pump drying market has gradually become one of the effective ways for enterprises to create differentiated competition and grasp the market opportunities, and has become the application market that the industry focuses on.

  • In 2021, there will be five market segments with great growth potential in the heat pump industry

    In 2021, the heat pump industry has five market segments with great growth potential. Recently, temperature new media has communicated with some enterprise leaders in the industry. At the same time, combined with the market summary and judgment in 2020, the market segments with great growth momentum in 2021 include: heat pump combined supply, commercial central heating, domestic hot water building supporting, industrial and agricultural drying application and overseas export.

  • Food security to a new height, heat pump drying technology to promote the application of grain at the right time

    Food security has reached a new height. The promotion and application of heat pump drying technology is just right. To ensure national food security is the key word of a series of recent central level meetings. At present, China's attention to food security has penetrated into all aspects, from food production, food circulation, food supervision, food reserves, food waste, emergency reserves, and many times issued relevant policy documents, food security has been pushed to a new height by the state again and again.


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